“Motion is the cause of every life

(Leonardo da Vinci)


Thank to their international experience, technical capabilities and manegerial skills, Sergio Pellegrino and Mirella Negrin founded COMMEX, a trade company in the field of small metal parts and electrical components. In a few years COMMEX begins to take shape as a small and medium-size company, becoming a part of Italian economic miracle represented in those years by the North-East and its industrial districts.


COMMEX extends its solution portfolio thanks to geared motors: the new metrology laboratory provides a specific technical know-how that enables to offer a customized advisory service and design support according to the different customer product use cases.

commex geared motors italy
commx linear actuators


COMMEX s.r.l. starts selling linear actuators, that immediately become the "flagship product" of the company. To this period belongs also the implementation of the warehouse and the launch of the product customization service offering through small assembly and processing.


COMMEX s.r.l. differentiates its business entering into the market of electric micro-motors, shortly becoming a trusted supplier of major European companies in the automotive and electromechanical industries.

commex micromotors


COMMEX srl is present in many sectors in most international markets and continues its gradual but steady growth thanks to the forward looking vision and strategy of its managers and shareholders. The absolute quality of products, the speed and punctuality of deliveries as well as the technical advice provided to customers in order to help them choose the right products and motor applications represent its true competitive advantage.


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commex distribution


We import our products and distribute them throughout the world, being responsible for our customers of all charges relating to the practices of shipping (from negotiations with suppliers and transporters to the clearance of the goods and their distribution in the territory).


We have a large warehouse that is used for storage, packaging and handling of goods.


Prompt delivery and scheduled delivery are our POINTS OF STRENGHT that have allowed us to have, over the years, a large number of satisfied customers.

commex technical advice

technical advice

We have a metrology laboratory in which our technicians check the QUALITY of imported products and study together with customers the best solutions to their needs.

By partnering with qualified external technical studies and established professionals in electro-mechanical field, we can help and support our customers in the design and development of their new products, more as partnership than only in a simply commercial supply.

commex customization


We are able to offer our customers a service of customization products: small machining and assemblies (such as, for example, the changes of the shaft of the engines, the hammering of pinions and worms, wiring, welding encoder circuits, the change of electrical performance, etc.). All these services can be agreed and implemented in a short time and with an excellent quality / price ratio.

commex service


Besides pre-sales assistance (technical advice provided to customers in order to help them identifying the most suitable product for their needs), we provide an efficient and effective after-sales service that includes the following activities:


- traceability of shipments

- analysis of the non-conformity of sold products

 - identification of problems in the context of applications (even at customers)